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Archive for April, 2018

PCA-CVR | 27th Annual Limerock Double Sprint

When it comes to automotive enthusiasts, Porsche club racers may be some of the most passionate of them all. This past weekend we had the pleasure of once again being an Official Sponsor for this club race. What an absolute blast we had too! It started out a little questionable with SNOW, which made setting up our mobile store a bit more of a process. Snow or no snow, Carlos, Bryan, Bob, and Michael pulled off the setup in no time at all. By the time the sun was setting, the IPA’s were being poured! Despite the hasty start, by the time Saturday rolled around it was sunny and 65 degrees! One thing that you’ll see when you attend a Porsche Club of America race is the number of families racing together. We know this all too well from our owner Bob from his father, to Bob’s daughter Laurette, racing runs in their blood. This something you don’t typically see with most other clubs. Dads passing on their techniques to sons and daughters, coaching them, supporting them, and even providing their previous track cars to keep the lineage going. All in all, we had a great time meeting new customers, laughing with old customers, and most of listening to the symphony of Porsches singing down Sam Posey straight into Big Bend! Until next time Limerock… Oh yea… and here are some photos! (did you really think we would leave them out!) See and like the photos on Facebook!

Our mobile store setup that has been supporting PCA Club Racers for over 30 years.

This beautiful #92 911 won best prep, and its pretty obvious why.

Lime green mean machine. This cayman was hard to miss coming down Sam Posey.

All about downforce with these track beasts.

Waking up to this view will never get old.

Always keep the moving parts moving well.

Our flag was flying high letting everyone know where our shop was.

Danbury Porsche had this Chalk grey GTS greeting us as we arrived.

BodyMotion brought out a fleet of track preps that ran fast all weekend.

The fans were loving this Speedsport GT3 Cup Car.

No words needed. Just look.

Perfect setup with this electronic dash.

This car was incredibly fast and letting us know that the newest technology isnt always enough!

As the sun came out, the frost disappeared, and the engines warmed up.

Danbury Porsche brought this brand new Panamera Shootingbrake, and it looked amazing.

LOVE LOVE LOVE these vintage PCA badges on the back of this 356.

The blue on this vintage series 911 was incredible.

Cruising the paddock you can spot some incredible cars.

Vintage 911 coming down into turn 7 carrying tons of speed.

Musante Motorsports GT3 Cup Car was one of the fastest on the track all weekend long.

We love seeing these cars up close and personal.

Last minute adjustments being made.

Keeping their GT3 Cup clean.

Club Loose | Friends of Stable

Being apart of the motorsports community involves a couple of key items if you will: Driving fast cars, Buying tons of parts, Going to awesome tracks, and Working with fun individuals. As with many walks of life, when people have a common interest they typically band together. This couldn’t be more true than with our good friends over at

Club Loose


As you can tell already, the members of Club Loose all have one thing in common: The love of Drifting. We cialis 20mg were introduced to CL from one of our very own team members, Carlos, here at Stable. Since then we have supported their club members with parts, support, drivers safety education, etc… We’ve also decided to go ahead and further the relationship by supporting some of their events.


Let us tell you from our past experience, these guys know how to throw an event. The 2018 season will be no different! Here is a quick list of their upcoming event schedule. Spring Moves Slumber Party on April 20-21st, Schools Out Moves May 12th, East Cost Bash May 26-27th, and the Probrodown on June 3rd. To learn more about Club Loose and the Driver Support program we offer through them, click 



#thinkfastbesafe #godrifting

Who we’re following | @311rs

Like Porsches? Sometimes sarcastically use the hashtag #becauseracecar? Great. Then you’re going to love the crew over at 311rs. They’re known for their high-end race car builds. They put together everything from GT3 Cup cars to Vintage Porsches.

311rs is one of the newest clients to the Stable family. Be sure to check them out and tell em Stable sent ya!

So… Go. Follow. Enjoy.