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Club Loose | Friends of Stable

Being apart of the motorsports community involves a couple of key items if you will: Driving fast cars, Buying tons of parts, Going to awesome tracks, and Working with fun individuals. As with many walks of life, when people have a common interest they typically band together. This couldn’t be more true than with our good friends over at

Club Loose


As you can tell already, the members of Club Loose all have one thing in common: The love of Drifting. We were introduced to CL from one of our very own team members, Carlos, here at Stable. Since then we have supported their club members with parts, support, drivers safety education, etc… We’ve also decided to go ahead and further the relationship by supporting some of their events.


Let us tell you from our past experience, these guys know how to throw an event. The 2018 season will be no different! Here is a quick list of their upcoming event schedule. Spring Moves Slumber Party on April 20-21st, Schools Out Moves May 12th, East Cost Bash May 26-27th, and the Probrodown on June 3rd. To learn more about Club Loose and the Driver Support program we offer through them, click 



#thinkfastbesafe #godrifting

Who we’re following | @311rs

Like Porsches? Sometimes sarcastically use the hashtag #becauseracecar? Great. Then you’re going to love the crew over at 311rs. They’re known for their high-end race car builds. They put together everything from GT3 Cup cars to Vintage Porsches.

311rs is one of the newest clients to the Stable family. Be sure to check them out and tell em Stable sent ya!

So… Go. Follow. Enjoy.


Driver Spotlight: Assen Rachev – Global Mazda MX-5 Cup Challenge

Here at Stable Energies we value and support our customers. We attract all types including car enthusiasts, occasional track drivers, hardcore HPDE drivers, amateur racers and pro drivers. We work with everyone and support their love of motorsports. Assen Rachev is an example of the customer we attract.
Assen Rachev is a Bulgarian who lives in Bergenfield, NJ. He works for Schindler Elevator in New York City, where he maintains and troubleshoots high rise elevators. His motto in life is “Always Push Yourself Harder.” He also loves performance driving and has been a driving enthusiast for the past 10 years, taking part in many HPDE club events and practicing at local and various racetracks around the country. He graduated from the Skip Barber Racing School and entered in the Skip Barber Racing Series in 2016 and 2017, while keeping up with a full endurance racing schedule with American Endurance Racing (AER) in 2017 and other select series in the U.S. Assen has recently decided to take his racing to the next level. We at Stable Energies support this type of passion, determination and drive.
Assen will participate in this year’s highly anticipated 2017 Global Mazda MX-5 Cup Challenge at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca from Oct 12th to Oct 15th. He will race alongside pro drivers from around the world, competing for the prize pool of more than $75,000 courtesy of Mazda Motorsports, Pagid Racing and BFGoodrich Tires. Stable Energies wishes Assen good luck in his attempt to claim the 2017 Global Mazda MX-5 Cup Challenge championship title.
We are excited to support one of our own loyal customers, Assen Rachev with BGN Racing, as he takes his first big step into the world of professional racing. Stable Energies will be running a gift card promotion to support his effort for the Mazda Challenge next week in Laguna Seca.
Click here to signup for our mailing list and get a chance to win 1 of 5 $50 Stable Energies gift cards.
Also check out the other links so you can follow the exciting race and find out more about Assen Rachev and the Global Mazda MX-5 Cup Challenge.

Event Links:

2017 Challenge info:

Assen Rachev / BGN Racing page:

2017 Challenge announcement:

Girodisc Brake Upgrade for Porsche GT4

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