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RENNLIST.COM: The largest and most respected Porsche enthusiast site online.

A vehicle for a community with common interests to interact with, and support, each other, Rennlist also supports other marques, including Audi, BMW, and Lamborghini.

As you look at what Rennlist offers it’s subscribers, members, and sponsors, you’ll begin to understand some of the drivers of Rennlist’s significant growth over the years. However, while Rennlist can provide the vehicle and opportunity for an international community to come together, it’s ultimately the people using Rennlist that forms it’s true strength.
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Information for Enthusiasts

For those seasoned veterans in the world of Motorsports, here are some valuable tools to stay ahead of the curve.

Dialing In: Those last few tweaks that separate a top effort from the rest of the pack.

by Andy Hollis

“The top of every race result or lap chart is typically dominated by talented drivers. But the pointy end of the field also has something else going for it: better equipment. Sometimes that advantage comes from spending more money, but often it simply means optimizing the car and working the rules to the driver’s advantage…

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Tech Tips: Porsche Cayman

by Scott Lear

“The Porsche Cayman is sexy enough for the street, but it’s also the cheapest dual-purpose Porsche you can get your hands on. If you’re budget-conscious and the car will primarily see the street instead of the track, I’d suggest any first-generation Cayman S or even a base car. People who aren’t horsepower freaks can do fine with a first-gen car—known as a 987.1 and built from 2006 to ’08….

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FIA Introduces Database to Inform Safety Direction

The FIA will begin sourcing data and information from hundreds of racing accidents around the world, using the information gathered to guide the future of motor sport safety. The FIA World Accident Database (WADB) will be used by the FIA and its National Sporting Authorities (ASNs) to log data from accidents; including vehicle and procedural information, as well as medical and other repercussions.

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Why a 25-Year-Old BMW Is the Perfect First Race Car

by Travis Okulski

“This past weekend, we took on our friends at Jalopnik in a friendly battle at Mid Ohio’s American Endurance Racing season finale. The idea was to see which publication would be better behind the wheel in a racing situation…

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Driving Tips – Speed Secrets

by Ross Bentley

“What drives me? What am I passionate about? Helping others perform better. Whether you\rquote re an elite-level professional race driver, a car club DE or track-day driver, a club racer, motorcycle racer, drifter, rally driver, road racer, oval racer, or you come from any walk of life, I love to help…

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Race Driving Techniques

“It is very easy to get caught up in the showmanship and prestige of expensive parts for your car, but the best investment you’ll ever make in road racing is the time you spend tuning your driving skills…

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Suspension Tips From The Experts

by Nick Gagala

“Understanding the theories behind different setups is just one key to putting more power on the track and logging improved lap times, as we discovered in this bonus article on shocks and springs…

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12 Tips for Endurance Racing Success

“Wayne Presley, owner of, has some must-do tips for any endurance race team: 1. Talk with your drivers and remind them that two hours of fast laps are wasted with just one spin, black flag or wreck. 2. Use a checklist to make sure you don’t forget any parts, pieces or tasks. 3. When you arrive at the track, the car needs to be ready to roll off the trailer and onto the circuit. If it needs anything more than that, you are not ready to compete and you should not have made the haul to the track…

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Plumbing Nightmares\’85And Solutions

by Christen D\rquote Alessandro

“Performance plumbing components\emdash hoses, fittings, etc.\emdash can be more complicated than they appear. And plumbing nightmares are bound to happen when not enough thought is put into the car build, or the parts and materials used for different racing applications. Lack of knowledge with these particular products can cause leaks, potentially leading to costly system failures at the track…

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Driving Tips for Racing Professionals

by Johnny O’Connell

“Fast, funny and fearless, Johnny O’Connell is recognized as one of North America’s most talented and versatile racing drivers. After driving for a variety of teams, O’Connell has found a home with Corvette Racing. He produced the team’s first overall victory at the 24 Hours of Daytona and its first Le Mans class victory in 2001…

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Ten Driving Techniques That Will Turn You Into A Master

by M\’e1t\’e9 Petr\’e1ny

“Driving is relatively easy, but if you put a little extra effort into it, your daily routes can become adventures. Here are ten techniques that will turn you into a pro. Most people don’t even get the basics right. They don’t use their indicators, don’t know how to shift a stick or even when to brake. Learn the following ten techniques and you’ll leave their beigemobiles in the dust…

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Five Driving Techniques Every Car Enthusiast Should Know

by Alex Kierstein

“Driving skill isn’t an absolute; there are always gains to be made. As a rule, more track time is better, and there’s always room to improve. The best way is to find a well-regarded performance driving school, which will teach you all of these skills. Barring that, find a safe situation to practice these skills (helpful hint: not a public road), get familiar with your car, and enjoy yourself…

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